Monday, September 3, 2012

Super Easy Hydrangea Headband Tutorial

Hello! Here's the tutorial I promise. It's finally done!

The Hydrangea Headband is super easy and super fast to make!

Your Supplies:

1. Scissor (to cut the felt)
2. Glue Gun
3. Color Felt Fabric (You can purchase the felt at your local craft store. I purchased mine at Micheal Art & Craft for $0.29)
4. Headband (any type should work. I am using a metal lined headband)
5. Hydrangea Petals
6. Small Rhinestones

Step One

Cut two identical oval shapes from the felt fabric. The sizes will depend on your headband. My shape is about 3inch long.

Step Two

Before you glue your hydrangea petals to the felt, I recommend laying out the petals first.
Then using your glue gun, glue the petals to one of the felt.

Step Three

Add rhinestones to the petals.

Step Four

Position where you want the flowers to be on your headband. I positioned my flowers more to the left of the headband so it doesn't look to center.

Add glue to the headband,and then place the flowers.

Please ignore my ugly chipped nail polish

The back should look like this when you are done gluing the flowers to the headband. 

Step Five

Now add the second piece of felt to the first one.

Step Six

The last step! Remove any glue residue.

Your finish product should look something like this. :-)

I hope you enjoy making the headbands.

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions. Thanks!!!

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