Thursday, December 29, 2011



- 5/8' Fold Over Elastic (you can purchase by the yard on my Etsy Shop: )
- Fabric Tac Glue or Hot Glue Gun
- Measuring Tape
- Scissor
- Need and Thread (color does not matter)

Step One

Cut your Fold Over Elastic to the desired length. See chart below for the sizes and lengths.
To get a true custom fit, use the measurement tape to measure the head.

Newborn- 13"
3-6 Months- 15"
6-12 Months- 16"
12m- Tween- 17"
Adult- 18"

Step Two

Fold your elastic in half. Matte side is facing out and shiny side is inside.

Take your needle and thread and make stitches at the end until it's secure.
Don't worry it doesn't need to be perfect, just make sure it's secure so the headband doesn't come apart.

Step Three

Once the ends are sewn together, cut a 2 in piece of fold over elastic.

While the matte side is still facing out, add a little glue along the seam and along each side.

Shiny side out, place your 2in piece of fold over elastic on the seam where the glue is at.

Step Four

Then wrap it around the front of the headband, but don't glue. You want to make a space to put your flower clip in.

Then glue on top of inner side again on top of the 2in fold over elastic.

Oops...I used to much glue.

You now have an interchangeable headband, which you can embellish with whatever clippie you want. I am using a Silk Ranunculus flower, which you can find in my Etsy-

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