Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Putting Together Hydrangea Petals

Here's a tutorial on how to put together the hydrangea petals you purchased from my Etsy. It's super simple!

- Hydrangea Petals Kit (You can purchase the Hydrangea Petals Kit on my Etsy:
- Fabric Tac Glue or Hot Glue Gun
- Alligator Clips/ Prong Clips (Optional/ This can also be purchase on my Etsy Shop)
- Felt Circle (Optional if you decide to put an alligator clip)

Step One

Let's open your Hydrangea Kit. The kit contains 15 Hydrangea Petals, 10 large and 5 small petals. It also includes 15- 5mm sparkly sew-on rhinestone!

I will be making a full flower by using 2 large petals and 1 smaller one.

Add a smudge of glue in the center on top of the first large petal. Then place the second large petal on top. Try your best to center the petals.

Step Two

Add a smudge of glue in the center on the second large petal. Then place the small petal on top.

Step Three

Let your glue dry for 5 minutes before adding the rhinestone.
I am using a pair of tweezers to help me pick the rhinestone up and center it.

Add a dab of glue on the rhinestone then center it on the small petal. Press the rhinestone down so it's glue securely onto the petal.

Your flower is all done!!! The next step shows how to put clip on.

Step Four (Optional)

Go grab your felt circle and alligator/prong clip.
I use my die-cutter to cut my felt into a heart.

Put the felt between the clip. Add glue to the FRONT side of the clip and felt.

Attach the clip to the bottom of the flower.

Let it dry.


Now you can use this as a hair clip just as it is or with a fold over elastic headband (see my tutorial on interchangeable headband using fold over elastic).

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